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Our Mission

The Mission of DQualifier Is To Be The Primary Source For Accurate Supplier Data.

Our Story

After learning of the problems and issues that the ESG space was experiencing, I put on my Engineering Hat, spoke with Industry Experts and got about the task of meticulously solving the many issues in this space.  The result is what we're building here at DQualifier.  A system designed with Procurement Teams, Environmental Organizations and Industry Experts will be the result.  

Our goal is to help enterprise companies qualify and quantify their supplier / vendor data and to help suppliers build stronger more sustainable businesses while simultaneously capturing and dissemminating accurate ESG data to our clients.

Our Executive Team has almost 60 years of combined Supplier Diversity Experience, almost 70 years of combined Engineering, AI and ML experience and 45+ years of combined entrepreneurial knowhow.  With this experience, we began DQualifier in September of 2021 to comprehensively solve the problems that our competitors are conveniently ignoring. 

Experienced Leadership

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