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Detailed Data Analysis is at the core of everything we do!

Our Services - Current

Supplier Verification and Validation with Confidence

DQualifier will injest your supplier data, validate each supplier, provide outputs on the status of each supplier and report back using our proprietary algorithm to generate a supplier specific data outputs that give you the confidence you can trust that your supplier is who they say they are.

Our Services - Coming Soon

Natural Language Processing Query Tool

With DQualifier, you'll soon be able to search for the supplier of your choice by simply asking the system, in your own words, the type of supplier you are looking for and the location of the supplier to get the confidence you need to move forward.  

Spend Reporting You Can Trust

Have a supplier that is on your spend report only to find out that they are no longer maintain their supplier certification(s)?  We've been there, which is why we created DQualifier.  We'll take the guesswork out of qualifying your suppliers by validating the data you see, before you see it.  

Peer Collaboration

Looking to collaborate with your peers in the industry.  Do you want to know what suppliers they use and are happy with.  Collaboration is on our roadmap so that you get that extra layer of confidence in your supplier choice.

API Enablement

Because we are building our system from the ground up, we don't have the problems others do by trying to bolt on a feature that was missed in the initial stages of design.  For that, we will integrate to SAP, ServiceNOW and other ERP solutions using our API platform to ensure our systems and your systems can securely communicate.

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